Monday, August 30, 2010


This is my hybrid animal. I really wanted to combine two animal groups that have little or no physical similarities. With this goal in mind, I decided that mammals and insects fit the bill pretty well. After some research, I decided to combine an elephant with an insect. I did not have a specific insect in mind, but rather chose specific bits of insect anatomy. This particular animal is rather large, and is used by the native culture as a transport and instrument of war.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sea Horse

Just a punny sea horse. Trying a little more digital painting. It needs more work... i got excited about the mane and the tail is lacking haha.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


A late posting for the warrior prompt. I was introduced to the most delicious and beautiful figs the other day, and I became so enamored that I had to make a fig-woman warrior :)

Hybrid Animals

Thanks for participating, everyone!  Our next topic of the week is "hybrid animals." Have fun!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. Only a month left, can you believe it???

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sam?! What happened to you?

Well, here is my left-handed portrait. It is a portrait of the lovely Miss Samantha Fawaz. However, my left hand made her look more like a creepy grandma (with lots and lots of cats mind you). Well, I gave it my best shot. I hope you all enjoy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


LOL...Grant, I'm sorry if I made you look creepy!  I really don't think you look like this, but my left hand is maladroit with the keeps hitting the toggle button by accident. lol.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Novel Scene

I've been working on this forever, but Flash kept crashing on me. After several attempts and even ignoring it for a long time, it's finally finished.

It's a scene from Stoker's Dracula, my latest literary obsession.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time Machine: best invention ever

I just doodled this really fast as a stress reliever between projects. I always start these things but never finish them, so I planned this one to be crappy. Yay!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Opposite Hand Drawing: Lane

New Show on Cartoon Network

Hello everybody! I hope you all are having a fantastic week. It is almost the weekend, and I am very thankful for that. I felt the urge to post some very exciting animation news to this blog. If you guys haven't heard (or if I haven't personally told you myself) Genndy Tartakovsky, the genius behind Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack, is creating a new show called Sym-Bionic Titan. I really don't know a whole lot about the story, but you all should check out the artwork for the show. It looks absolutely breathe-taking. The website I am posting is from an artist named Kevin Dart, who is working on the show. Here is the link:


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sketch Prompt of July 21-August 1

Great entries on the warrior character design, everyone! 

We've decided to do caricatures of each other for this bi-weekly sketch challenge.  The catch is that we have to use our non-dominant hand (for example, i'm right handed, so I have to use my left hand to draw the caricature).  You can pick one person from Vignette Gazette or several.  It doesn't matter, as long as it's not yourself!!!  Yes, this idea was partially conceived from the Dreamwork's blog Travisty's Beard.

For those of you who haven't posted yet....get on this one! This blog is for fun; we don't want to put any pressure on you to make a masterpiece. :)

femme warrior from beats me

Well, I'm late. I've been having to force myself to draw lately, after weeks of it just not happening. Finally the past couple of days, slowly, I'm coming back. For now, super quick doodles are the most I can do. This wasn't even done in photoshop- but an online website that lets you doodle and chat at the same time. (sign up we can draw together!) I've been using it since highschool to ease onsets of boredom. Paintchat

I need to get back into lines, there's been too much color in my life for a while.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ahoy, Here Be My Character Design

Hey guys! I decided to do a warrior of the high seas for my character design. If you like it give me an AAARRRGGHHH!!!!

A True Warrior

Hello everybody,

My name is Grant Harwell, and this is my first time posting to this blog. I am very excited about what you all have been creating and I looking forward to seeing what creations are to come in the future. As I was thinking about my warrior design, I wanted to to something atypical. I wanted to create more than just a cool action hero who was able to slay countless foes, or monsters, or whatever. So I decided to look up the definition of a warrior in the dictionary. One particular part of the definition that I found that stuck out to me was this; "a person engaged in a struggle or conflict." Using this definition and some prior delving into visual reference of African tribal warriors, I decided for my warrior design to be a little African boy. If a warrior can be defined by someone who is engaged in a struggle or conflict, then many people in Africa are warriors everyday. They must fight for their land, food, families, their very survival. I decided that a child would be a good choice for the warrior because all the conflict in Africa affects them the most. They are the future of their nations and what has happened in their life-times will affect them for many years to come. This little boy I have drawn is dressed in a combination of Massai and Zulu tribal attire. Here is a salute to all of the little warriors of Africa who go out to battle everyday. May we come along their side to join in the battle with our own compassion, resources, and prayers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eagle Warrior

Meet the Aztec Eagle Warrior! They were "known as soldiers of the sun." This one hasn't earned his title yet. Even the bravest soldiers have their off days. :)


Monday, July 5, 2010

Week of Independence Day (7/4)

Sorry I missed the post, fourth of july and everything yesterday. But it's Sunday again! Through popular request, this week's Sketch of the Week is a character design, and the subject is...

The Warrior

Try and think outside the box, and good luck!

Speaking of, Sketch of the Week can be submitted anytime throughout the summer. If you have any sketch prompt ideas, comment below.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week of 6/27

It's Sunday again! People were probably busy this week, it's cool. However this week's Sketch of the Week is:

Time Machine

Speaking of, Sketch of the Week can be submitted anytime throughout the summer. If you have any sketch prompt ideas, comment below.

By the way... I realize I have yet to post anything to this, my desktop caught a virus and the scanner doesn't work with my laptop. Should be fixed soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a little late treehouse

I've spent the past week driving and flying willy-nilly all up and down the west coast, so I'm afraid this is a bit late, but I had lots of fun doing it! While sketching I was thinking of the treehouse as a sort of religious structure, with a holy person living up in the heights and lower disciples or secular farmers tending the shade-grown crops growing around the foot of the tree.

And I guess introductions are in order: I'm Bridget Underwood, a student of 2D animation. As much as I love the craft of it, I really just want to be a storyteller, and I think animation is one of the most beautiful ways out there to tell a story :)

Week of 6/20

It's Sunday again! We got a lot of reaction from the treehouse prompt which was great to see. Lane put an abundance of thought into Sketch of the Week this time, see her post below for a more detailed explanation of it. However it is:

Scene from a book, book cover, or how you would do it's Hollywood adaptation.

Speaking of, Sketch of the Week can be submitted anytime throughout the summer. If you have any sketch prompt ideas, comment below.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can I call dibs again????

So guys, I've been thinking about my childhood a lot since I've been home, and I thought of another idea for the sketch prompt for next week. I know I called dibs last time, but I think this one will be really really fun too!

I'm not sure about you guys, but read everything I could get my hands on when I was little. Especially since I lived in a small Georgian town, it was great being able to transport myself into any place I wanted, with the turn of a page. I went for all of those Newberry Award books, lol. Most of those books really changed my perspective on a lot of issues, and I have to say that Lois Lowry really hit it home with The Giver.

So, I want you guys to pick your favorite book from when you were a child, and sketch the most memorable scene that comes to mind. Pretend that you're redesigning a book cover, or you can draw one of those small sketches at the beginning of the chapters.

OR!! Don't you hate it when a movie version comes out and they cast the characters completely wrong and the backgrounds aren't how you imagined them at all? Now's the perfect chance to show Vignette Gazette followers how you really pictured Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Bridge to Terabithia, Tuck Everlasting(!), etc.

Have fun, guys. :)

-Lane Ngo

Treehouse for a Friend

All-in-all, just a sketch. I was playing around with a character design for another project and since he works with his hands I played off the sketch of the week a little.

Building a house in a tree for a little fairy. Maw.

I guess this is where my bio goes. My name is Robin Stanberry, of the North Carolina Stanberrys. I am an animation major and love the ever-living crap out of my profession. I am a libra-dragon and love waking up to the smell of freshly cut grass. Yum. Summer. <3

Friday, June 18, 2010


Don't worry. We'll live in the sky, where no one can hurt us. We'll stay until the woods fade and the leaves wither. By then it will be time to go home where they will have missed us so.

So, this was kind of a disaster from the beginning, so trying to resurrect it from the dead took foreverrrr. But now it's up, and ready for feedback.

By the way, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Lane Ngo. I'd like be an Uncarved Block. It's a Daoist term for being a jack of all trades, and being able to carve yourself into many different shapes multiple times, instead of being just one shape and only useful for one thing. So I want to animate, illustrate, and look into motion media. Oh, and as long as the story is told right and it is visually stunning, there is nothing wrong with a happy ending.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Less than Awesomest Treehouse


So i still don't have a scanner. And i suck at drawing treehouses (and i've tried many, many times), so this one isn't all that awesome. Oh and i don't know how to digitally paint but i wanted to be able to post something so it had to be digital.

Um. Yeah whatever here ya go!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Underwater Treehouse

This blog has the freshness of a smooth espresso.

I'm Cassandra...erm, okay..I'm a sequential major who isn't into comic books. But I love working with the very talented individuals in animation. My favorite thing to experiment with is light, color, and atmosphere.

The ocean floor has a lot of similarities to land, so I thought- why not have a treehouse underwater, maybe a natural one made of some sort of coral? I don't know; I was listening to Avatar while painting this so maybe that's why I was thinking, "blue."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week of 6/13

Hey guys! It's Sunday again, which means it's time to upload.

But don't stress out, a lot of you probably have problems scanning stuff (myself included), or you're not home, or maybe you're returning from China. So, just upload your stuff when you're up and running.

Lane asked for the Sketch of the Week this time to be:

The Most Awesomest Treehouse Ever

And so it is. Oh and from now on, sketch of the week is going on a "dibs" system. So call dibs in the comments for the next week.

We also have some new members, though I don't know who exactly. Seems like there's new ones every hour. I'm thinking of adding an About tab at the top, where you can all add a short description and bio of yourself.

Check it out! I thought we could post news too.

first art post!

Hey guys, here are a couple of my sketches from my China trip. We're posting life drawings, right?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here we goooo

I'm a little late on posting this cause I have no internet.

Anyway, today is the 6th of June, that means Vignette Gazette is officially rolling!

Though the site could still use some work. I modified the original template so it was wider, and fixed the issue the poll was having. Though do we need a poll? And how about color choices (the lime green's gonna go)? Give some feedback.

And now the long awaited first sketch of the week theme is....

Draw Yourself with Your Pokemon

You can submit Sketch of the Week anytime throughout the summer. If you have any ideas of what the Sketch of the Week should be, comment below! I'll post some of the ideas so far in the comments too.

So let's crank up the awesome, people.

Lauren will probably edit this post cause I did it wrong.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vignette Gazette

Or simply the Gazette, or Gaz, or Ette. It's up to you!

This is a team blog (or soon will be) devoted to keeping in contact with each other over the summer and to post your artwork an get feedback.

There are no requirements for the Gazette, but know that your peers probably have an internal scoreboard. Once a week, you post what you've done over the course of that week.

Some suggestions for the Vignette Gazette:

Life Drawing - We agreed to every day! Keep it up! (tag: life drawing)

Sketch of the Week - We'll probably vote on a theme for this one. (tag: sketch of the week)

Projects - This is something more related to your major. Animations, illustrations, 3d models, etc. In-progress posts are probably a cool idea for critiques and all that jazz. (tag: project)

The whole point is to keep us from going into a summer-coma and make sure we keep progressing as artists. The biggest thing is to just keep drawing, doing -something-. The more the better!

If you don't want to participate you certainly don't have to. We will never kick you out of the team blog for not participating, I'm happy you have more of a life than the rest of us. But do try!

The first round kicks off the week of June 6th.